Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus * Certified Organic Fed Pigs & Poultry Containing No GMO's, No Soy and No Corn

NEW BEEF IN STOCK DECEMBER 20th - ALL CUTS WILL BE AVAILABLE!!!  (Pre-order for best selection.)

** DECEMBER SPECIAL**  Spend $40.00 and get a dozen of No Soy, No Corn No GMO Eggs for free! 

We welcome Farm pick up and will offer a 10% discount on retail cut orders.  ( We offer deeper discounts on Bundles,  1/4, 1/2  & whole beeves and pork ) Call, text or email your order and we will have it ready upon an agreed time. 

Cooler to Cooler ( ours to yours ) home delivery is now available for orders over 50.00.  A 10.00 fee within 10 miles, 15.00 fee for 10 - 15 miles and for over 15 miles, just ask...  we will work something out.  

Quarter Angus Beef $5.50 lb ++  SOLD OUT for 2019

Whole Pigs $4.25 lb ++  SOLD OUT for 2019

Half Pigs $4.50 lb ++  SOLD OUT for 2019             

(++ Butcher Cost) 

Please contact us for specific details.


SAMPLER BUNDLE          $72.00

2 lb Ground Angus

1 Sirloin Steak (1 - 1 1/2 lbs)

2 Package Pork Chops  (2 pk) 

1 Package Itailan Sausgae  (Hot or Sweet Links)

1 Package Breakfast Sausage (Original or Maple links)

1 Dozen No Soy- No Corn- No GMO Eggs



PORK BUNDLE        $80.00

4 packages of chops (2 per package)

3 packages of Italian sausage  (1 lb package links)  Hot or Sweet

3 packages of breakfast sausage  (1 lb package links)  Original or Maple



"Beyond Organic" to us means our pastured poultry and pigs have NO GMO's, NO SOY & NO CORN in our custom ground, NOFA certified organic feed.

Being a family-owned & run farm in Marion NY since 2015, we pride ourselves on our quality products, values, and ethics. Our animals are raised here with daily attention, nutrition, fresh pasture and clean water. Our Aberdeen Angus is 100% grass-fed and finished. You can drive by and see your food growing in the pastures. It is not caged up or locked in a barn, we are transparent.  We are local and have no intentions of becoming a "Big" farm.  Joe and Michelle are inspired by farming concepts of the past and promise you will be more than satisfied with our products.  

All of our animals are grown in their natural time frame.  No growth hormones or antibiotics are given. We take the time to make sure you're not just getting "meat", you are getting "meat" the way it was intended. 

We grow and sell USDA certified cuts of meat as listed below:


Chops  $10.50/lb  (2 per pkg)     

Italian Sausage - $8.50/lb  (average 1 lb pkgs)     

      Hot & Sweet Links 

Breakfast Sausage - $8.50/lb (average 1 lb pkgs)

     Original & Maple Links 

Bacon  $12.00 /lb Hardwood Smoked  (Thick Sliced)   SOLD OUT

Tenderloin  $18.00/lb      SOLD OUT

Shoulder Roast - $8.00/lb   ( 3lb average )

Boston Butt - $8.00/lb     SOLD OUT

Ground Pork - Coarse Ground  $8.00/lb     SOLD OUT

Spare Ribs - $8.00/lb 

Country Ribs -  $8.00/lb  *new*

Leaf Fat  $2.50/lb  **  Great to render for baking, cooking with a clean and pure healthy fat and adding to venison sausage!  **


Pastured Chicken and the best darn Eggs! 


Eggs - $5.50 per dozen

Whole Roasters - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

$20.00 for any roaster.  Roasters 5lbs & over $25.00

Chicken Feet - $3.00/lb      SOLD OUT

Stewing Hens - $3.00/lb



Delmonico - $21.00/lb  (2 pk)  1 inch THICK     SOLD OUT

NY Strip - $21.00/lb  (2 pk)  1 inch THICK    SOLD OUT

Sirloin Steak - $15.00/lb  

Skirt Steak - $15.00/lb

Flank Steak - $12.00/lb     

Tenderloin - $28.00/lb  (2 pk )  1 1/2 - 2 inch THICK   SOLD OUT   


All Roasts 3/lb average

Chuck Roast AKA Pot Roast - $9.00/lb 

Rolled Boston Roast - $12.50/lb     SOLD OUT

Eye of Round Roast - $9.00/lb  


London Broil - $14.00/lb     SOLD OUT

Brisket - $12.00/lb

Ground Beef - $8.00/lb   (1 lb pkg) 

Patties - $9.50/lb  (4 per pack)   SOLD OUT

Stew Beef - $9.00/lb  (1 lb pkg)     SOLD OUT

Sandwich Steaks - $9.00/lb  (1 lb pkg)    SOLD OUT

Short Ribs - $9.00/lb  (2 per package)

Suet - $2.00/lb    (1 lb chunk )  

Marrow Bones - 6 inch - $5.00/lb    SOLD OUT 

Soup Bones aka Osso Buco  (with meat) - $5.00/lb   SOLD OUT

Ox Tail - $6.00/lb     

Liver - $6.00/lb   SOLD OUT  

Heart - $6.00/lb  SOLD OUT

Tongue - $6.00/lb   SOLD OUT


                        *All prices are subject to change*

                                  ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~

Call, text and or email the farm.  We will fill your meat & eggs needs, no order is too small.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for caring about you and your families health as much as we do.


Joe and Michelle Fioco

Smith Road Farm


***   1/2 and whole pigs available for purchase.  Contacts us for pricing.  ***     SOLD OUT FOR 2019


We accept cash, check & PayPal.